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Your Spanish-based, specialist travel agency for wildlife observation, photography and outdoor activities


WildWatching Spain Ltd (WWS) is a travel agency based in the north of Spain, specialised in wildlife tourism and outdoor activities. The company was created at the beginning of 2011 by a group of four Spanish biologists and naturalists, all of whom had built up a solid knowledge base with regard to the natural heritage of their homeland, the iberian Peninsula. All members of the WWS team are very experienced in the field and this practical knowledge is backed up by high-level academic qualifications in natural sciences.

Our motivation for launching the company was two-fold, our objectives being to stimulate the economic development of rural and natural areas within our country, as well as making a substantial contribution to the conservation of the amazing biodiversity that Spain has to offer. All of us are highly committed to nature conservation, being active members of various local and national wildlife conservancy organisations.

In many natural areas hunting is still perceived as the only activity related to the natural environment that can provide a major source of income. We disagree with this view and feel strongly that wildlife observation, in all its variants, is an equally significant and sustainable economic activity in the long term. Our aim is to make the presence of observers equipped with binoculars, notebooks and telescopes a common sight in many of the areas where such a scene would currently be exceptionally rare.

Bearing in mind our company´s aims and beliefs, all WWS activities are based on scrupulous respect for the flora, fauna and landscapes that we have the joy of observing. Consequently, the design of all our tours and guided activities has been carefully planned to avoid accessing sensitive areas that might enable exciting encounters with wildlife but could risk jeopardising its tranquility and survival. Perhaps the best example of this is that we do not include observation of the Cantabrian capercaillie in our range of products due to the delicate situation of this subspecies, which is in danger of imminent extinction within the Cantabrian mountain range.

Our clients can be completely assured that WWS has all the authorisations and permits required to carry out the activities that constitute our range of offers. We also consider it essential to comply with the limitations and laws established for the management and conservation of our natural areas and protected species.


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