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Alpine birds photo stalking

Guided excursions for Wallcreeper, Alpine accentor, Snowfinch and Alpine chough photography.

The photography of some bird species of great interest can usually not be reached using fixed photographic hides, however good results can be achieved using portable hides or stalking photography techniques.

Wallcreeper, Apine Accentor, Snowfinch, and Alpine Chough among others are a good sample of this.

These birds require of a complex logistics, but the beautiful areas where it take place the activity and the photographic results it worth.

Wallcreeper is a trustful bird that use many times the same stones for hunting or claiming.

The knowledge of these stones and a suitable stalking technique could give is fantastic results. Something similar happens with other alpine birds that the attempt in the high rocky areas of the cantabrian mountains.

During early spring, Snowfinches and Alpine Accentors come to some alpine meadows not cover by the last snows where begin carefree the matting season display.

In these conditions a good portable hide can provide us high quality pictures.


From May 1st to June 31th


The logistics in not simple in the high mountains, long routes in 4WD is commonly required, and the weather conditions can vary very fast.

The service is a full day product and has the next rates:

1 person: 280€/ person and day

2persons: 180€/person and day

3 persons: 160€/person and day

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