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Cantabrian brown bear conservancy

WILDWATCHING SPAIN collaborate with the BROWN BEAR FOUNDATION in the cantabrian brown bear conservancy.

All our tours for bear watching are guided by BROWN BEAR FOUNDATION rangers, for this WILDWATCHING SPAIN can guaranteed that our tours and excursions are not going to disturb the animals, and of course we can offer an excellent service thanks to thegreat experience and habitat knowledge of the BROWN BEAR FOUNDATION rangers.

A substantial part of the bear excursions and tours is donated to BROWN BEAR FOUNDATION, being destined to conservancy programs.

Equally, WILDWATCHING SPAIN thanks to it´s NGO WILDLIFE&BIO, collaborate with the FUNDACIÓN OSO PARDO , purchasing hunting rights and lands in important areas for bear conservancy, choosing for it´s reproductive interest as well as feeding or hibernate.

In this way, we can control and limit the annoyances over the bear population, specially in the most delicate periods of the year as the winter or the spring, specially in the case of females with cubs.

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