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WWS photografic hides.

WildWatching Spain offers a wide range of unique wildlife viewing and photographic opportunities. Our guides pride themselves in providing the best service to our clients and presenting them with memorable photographic experiences of a range of species at a number of locations throughout the Iberian Peninsula. We offer you the best quality-price ratio in photographic hides of commercial use, always with a friendly and personalised advice.


Our commitment is to take care of the scene, the light and the installation of the hiding place until the last detail, safeguarding the welfare of the birds to minimise the discomfort that could bemapahides2014 caused to them. Our technicians at field work in continuous mode with the species that are our objectives, thereby ensuring that everything is ready for the moment the photographer access to the hide, maximising the chances of success with an investment of time adapted to the possibilities or needs of the client.


The philosophy of our project is to offer photographic sets of hides in different places of Spain, covering the ornithological specialties of each of these places and offering, on the whole of the network, the possibility of photographing an important part of the characteristic species of the Iberian peninsula. Each one of these sites enjoys of the authorizations necessary for the legal development of our activity and is attended by one or several local technicians or guides, under the coordination of the reknown photographer and ornithologist Carlos Nazario.


While it is possible to hire the use of a specific hide for one or multiple sessions, the design of our network is thought to take pictures of many different species in a single trip, changing from one hide to another even in the same day and all of it at a very competitive prices.


Relying on this network of hides, we have designed package tours that allow you to visit several sites in the same tour and take photographs of a wide variety of birds in the same trip, combining for example steppe and mountain birds or Mediterranean birds with birds of prey, at prices even more adjusted. In the last term, we can tailor each trip to suit the photographer. Please let us know what your interests are.


Our commitment is clear and firm: if you hire a hide to photograph a specific bird, for example the Golden Eagle or the Black Vulture ones, and the bird doesn´t appear for any reason not related to the photographer behaviour, we offer you the chance to repeat the session with no cost for you.


Next, we present you our basic proposal for 2012-2013 season, photo hides that will have been tested by our guides before your visiting. Nevertheless, keep up to date about our lastest news and hides availability in our web or in our facebook page You can also register yourself in our webpage or contact directly with us at to request more information. 

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