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Iberian lynx conservancy

WILDWATCHING SPAIN collaborate with WWF SPAIN boosting a pilot experience in the private estate of PUERTOBAJO ( JAEN), where we are developing and sustainable model of eco-tourism that provide funds to Iberian lynx conservancy programs.

The project tries to ascertain, if a touristic model could be able to provide enough founds for continuing with the conservancy programs without other financial sources.

PUERTOBAJO estate is a 3.000has private land in the west edge of Jandula reservoir in the Andujar Natural Park.

The estate is a fabulous mosaic of Cork Oak and Olm Oak forest, with rockrose and pistacia lentiscus patches and vast fields and meadows, situated in the heart of Sierra Morena, a average altitude of 600 metres over the sea level.

This estate is property of Andrada family since the XIX century, the current owner Mr. Fernando Andrada is President of Imperial Eagle Friends association, and has demonstrated a great interest on wildlife and nature conservation, being this estate a reference on sustainable management.

The estate has a Lynx territory with at least 5 resident felines, with a rabbits population that remains stable.

Andrada Family and WildWatching Spain have reached a collaboration agreement with the objective of driving and exclusive and sustainable ecoturism in the estate, far from the overcrowded public areas and invest an important part of profits in habitat management actions.

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