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Iberian Lynx photographic hides, Golden eagle, black vulture and imperial eagle hides in Puertobajo de Cereceda.

The first ever authorized Iberian Lynx hides in Spain

The wildlife agencies WILDPIX, PHOTOLOGISTICS and WILDWATCHINGSPAIN, we have reach an agreement to manage together the IBERIAN LYNX PHOTOGRAPHIC HIDES in PUERTOBAJO ESTATE.

The reason of this agreement is to join forces to improve the hide service the logistics and boosting the commercialization

Working with mammals is always a challenge, do it with Iberian lynxes is always a big trouble due to artificial feeding is strictly forbidden by all Spanish administrations.
The artificial feeding without allowance implies that young lynxes lose important hunting skills for its future survival.

For this reason the true eco-responsible photography with Iberian lynxes is a dare, a continuous work trakking the local lynx populations to place correctly the hides and getting nice pictures of 100% wild lynxes.

WILDPIX, PHOTOLOGISTICS and WILDWATCHINGSPAIN offer you the possibility to meet face to face with these amazing animals.

The photographic hides 

Cerro de la Casa

This hide is place in the intersection of several tracks. Is a place that the lynxes use to visit almost daily. 5 new artificial burrows for rabbist has been installed. Has a fabulous light during the morning hours.

La Solana

Again, placed in a crossing of tracks, is very used by lynxes. We have installed 7 new artificial burrows and a watering pool in an area with lack of water.  

Los Corzos

Placed in a fresh area with some natural sources of water. Suitable hide for the hotest days, when the cats search the shade of the threes.


The access to the estate can be done by tracks using 4WD vehicles, in the case that not have an offroad car, we can pick you up in the entry, transport you to the tented camps or hides. 


We recomend to overnight on the nearby accommodations.


The photography season starts on December 1st and ends on June 1st, being available during the more fresh months of the year, when the daily activity of cats is higher.

During December, January, February and March, stay during all the day in the hides will be required, excepts due to force majeure. This is because the daily temperatures are suitable for the lynx activity, and we must avoid disturbances around these hot spots during most of the day. in any case, will be the guide the person that transfer the clients from the hides to the tented camps.

On  April and May in case of high temperatures, the clients could leave the hides with the help of the guide after 12:00h returning before 17:00h.


Single photographic season: 240€/pax

Two days voucher: 420€/pax

Three days voucher: 580€/pax


Puertobajo Estate have two double seat hides for big eagles.
Both are wood made and with spy glass.

Hides are designed to get nice backgrounds and good light during most of the day.

The eagles are feeded with wild rabbits in beautiful and natural perch.


Full day entry 150€/ day.

Note: Is possible to overnight on the estate.


Vultures feeder place over a nice pass near Jandulas reservoir.

Nice mediterranean backgrounds and high percentage of Black Vultures ove the total amount of birds. 

Both are wood made and with spy glass.

Hides are designed to get nice backgrounds and good light during most of the day.


Full day entry 150€/ day.

Note: Is possible to overnight on the estate.


The service offer the possibility of try the lynx photography from hide in a private and lonely estate. The iberian lynx home range has an average of 500ha where around 3 cats live. The hide offer good chances for success, but the clients must be patience, being conscious that although probably must spend many hours inside de hides for getting the best results.

Overnight in the estate

Recently we have installed a 5 metres diametre tented camp for our clients, who prefer to avoid a long transfer to the regular accommodations. The stay is free for all our clients.

The tented camp have 4 cot beds, chairs a table.....and an small kitchen and bathrooms can be found at short distance.

How to get Puertobajo Estate

Puertobajo is not far from Andujar Town, in the north of Jaen Province ( Andalucia). Is possible to reach the area using the airports of Madrid, Sevilla or Málaga, renting a car or taking the train.

In any case contact with us in for further information abouth transport and accommodation.


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