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Iberian Lynx experience.

Day trips and regular tours

Puertobajo de Cereceda estate, is a 3.000has private land in the west side of Jandula River reservoir, in Andujar Natural Park.

The estate is a fabulous mosaic of cork oak and olm oak forests, with rockrose and pistacia lentiscus patches and vast fields and meadows, situated in the heart of Sierra Morena, in an average altitude of 600 metres over the sea level.

The land guard an incredible nature wealth, with 40 occupied nests of Black Vultures, one territory of Imperial Eagle and another of Golden Eagle.

Other raptors as Short-toed Eagle, Black-winged Kite, Botted Eagle, Eagle Owl and Honey Buzzard are also present. For bird lovers, this is an special area for it´s excellent representation of mediterranean birds that can be watched easily, as Rollers, Bee-Eaters, Little Owls, Black-eared wheatear, Hoopoe and many others.

Amongst the mammals we can find red deers, iberian ibex, roe deers, wild boar, fallow deers.

Some small carnivores are also present as the egyptian mongoose, wildcat, otter and genet, although are always shy and difficult to locate.

But the main jewel of this privileged corner of Sierra morena is the Iberian Lynx, thanks to the efforts of the Iberian Lynx Life Project,estate owners, and gamekeepers..

This estate is property of Andrada family since the XIX century, the current owner Mr. Fernando Andrada is President of Imperial Eagle Friends Association, and has demonstrated a great interest on wildlife and nature conservation, being this estate a reference on sustainable management.

The estate has a Lynx territory with at least 7 resident felines, with a rabbits population that remains stable.

Andrada Family and WildWatching Spain have reached a collaboration agreement with the objective of driving and exclusive and sustainable ecoturism in the estate, far from the overcrowded public areas and invest an important part of profits in habitat management actions.

The product included guided visits for Iberian Lynx observation and birdwatching, and of course Iberian Lynx photography from hide.

We are working hard locating animals and serching the hot spots for Lynx observation in the estate.


December 5th to 9th 2018

January 2nd to 6th 2019

March 6th to 10th 2019


From WWS we have spend much time working closely with private estate owners, where last lynxes survive and with WWF, with the aim of designing an Iberian Lynx photographic product, that satisfy all the conservancy requirements. This allow us to offer for first time Iberian Lynx photographic hides to our clients.

The european conservancy fundings for lynx are going to disappear in the next years, but the problems for this rare cat continue due to the lack of wild rabbits and sometimes the low quality of habitat are threatening the survival of this endangered animal. 

The National and Regional Governments are considering the ecotourism as a possibility for getting funds that allows to continue with the current management of lynx habitat.

Thanks to this, and as pilot test, The Andalusian Government has authorized to WildWatching Spain the installation of 3 double seat photographic hides in Puertobajo estate, placed in the western bank of Jandula´s Reservoir, inside the Iberian lynx distribution area in Sierra Morena (Jaén).

The locations of the photographic hides have been decided based on the local lynx population tracking carry out during the past springtime. The hides are placed in 3 of the most frequented locations where with the WWF collaboration, dozens of new artificial burrows for rabbits have been installed, at once that we have reinforced the local wild rabbit populations, that is the basis of lynx diet. This makes that the lynxes find better habitat conditions in these areas and that was more visited than other spots.

The final objective is to offer to our clients the possibility of getting pictures of wild Iberian lynx in its own habitat, always with all the conservancy guarantees and with strict working protocols. A 20% of the funds go directly to defray lynx habitat management actions in Puertobajo estate, being our objective to get at least one more breeding territory inside the estate during the next 6 years, keeping even improving the population of wild rabbits.

All the works will be designed and supervised by WWF

The photographic hides 

Cerro de la Casa

This hide is place in the intersection of several tracks. Is a place that the lynxes used to visit almost daily. 5 new artificial burrows for rabbits has been installed. Has a fabulous light during the morning hours.

La Solana

Again, placed in a crossing of tracks, is very used by lynxes. We have installed 7 new artificial burrows and a watering pool in an area with lack of water.  

Los Corzos

Placed in a fresh area with some natural sources of water. Suitable hide for the hotest days, when the cats search the shade of the threes.


The access to the estate can be done by tracks using 4WD vehicles, in the case that not have an offroad car, we can pick you up in the entry, with later transfer  the tented camps or hides. 


It´s possible to overnight in a tented camp, placed toqueter with the main house of the estate. Here you can find beds, tables for eat, water, bathrooms etc..


The photography season starts on November 1st and ends on June 1st, being available during the more fresh months of the year, when the daily activity of cats is higher.

During December, January, February and March, stay during all the day in the hides will be required, excepts due to force majeure. This is because the daily temperatures are suitable for the lynx activity, and we must avoid disturbances around these hot spots during most of the day. in any case, will be the guide the person that transfer the clients from the hides to the tented camps.

On November, April and May in case of high temperatures, the clients could leave the hides with the help of the guide after 12:00h returning before 17:00h.


Single photographic season: 240€/pax

Two days voucher: 420€/pax

Three days voucher: 580€/pax

The service offer the possibility of try the lynx photography from hide in a private and lonely estate. The iberian lynx home range has an average of 500ha where around 5-6 cats live. The hide offer good chances for success, but the clients must be patience, being conscious that although probably must spend many hours inside de hides for getting the best results.


Single days

From 2015 January we offer the option of visiting the private estate of Puertobajo in single days, with 4WD transport and professional guide.

The meeting point with the clients will be the parking of CTR Los Pinos or in la Caracola Cottage, staying all the day in the private estate. For that is necessary to take some sandwiches and drinks for lunch. We not only make observation in Puertobajo, the guide explain to the clients how the different conservation programs improve the lynx habitat and try to avoid its extinction, being a complete lynx experience..

2016 rates are:


1st day

2nd day

3rd day

2 clients




3 clients




4 clients




5 clients




6 clients




 We offer a 40% discount for childs ( 12 years or less, and 1 child per two adults)


 For groups, will be necessary to request a customised budget in

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