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Motivation trips for companies

The natural environment is often hostile and disconcerting for many people that lives in urban areas.

The leadership patterns of a company work team, can change and mutate when the group leaves its “comfort zone” and expose them to new and unexpected situations, in an strange environment and without the usual tools that use in our daily routine.

This context, often give way to new leaderships, sometimes from individuals that do not usually take the lead, and others that used to lead to the rest in the company must learn to cooperate and assume a secondary role.

But above all, what really will help the group to leave back a difficult situation will be the collaboration between members. Without dialog, collaboration, strategy planning, and conflicts resolution the team won´t get the objective.

WildWatching Spain design tailor made motivation trips for companies in the Cantabrian Mountains, Pyrenees and Sierra Morena.

Orientation activities, night trekking , location, snowshoeing, with detailed instructions to achieve certain objectives through different stages one by one, in which our guides develop a passive role only for security.

Motivational experiences of different intensity and duration in the heart of the most beautiful and best preserved natural areas , aimed at strengthening cooperation and collaboration capabilities of work teams you company.

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