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Photographic hides and ecotouristic facilities

WildWatchingSpain is a leading company on ecotourist development, offering a wide range of services.

We want to support and boost the sustainable and respectful wildlife tourism, both in our business fiels or out of it. Because of this we collaborate with public Administrations or Governments, Hotels and lodging companies, and private corporations designing itineraries or ecotourist tracks and trails, installation of touristic facilities and technical advice and support.

If from your company or organization thinks that the wildlife tourism could help the sustainable economical development of your area or business, contact with us and we will work together on it.

Observation or photographic hides, feeders, drinking pools, signalling and other ecotouristic facilities

WildWatchingSpain manage dozens of photographic and observation hides in the Iberian Peninsula. All of them are designed and built by us, adapted to field conditions and to the specific bird or species we want to attract.

We only already built hides with pine, spruce or oak wood, and only from sustainable forest crofts.

Our team study the project on the fields and design and quote customised ecotourist facilities, with feeders and drinking pools for birds and mammals if was required. This allow to get results quick.

This is an excellent way for getting more bookings in your accommodation or visits in your area.

The ecotourist signalling and other facilities for track and routes adequacy are other of the services we offer, supplying drafts and quotations, and building all the infrastructures in local craft carpentries.

Design of ecotouristic and thematic trails, birdwatching and mammal watching observatories, integral design of ecotourist products.

Nowadays, many villages and councils, make an effort for add value and promote the local nature treasures, pushing in this way the wildlife watching tourism.

With time this becomes a tourist attraction linked with the landscape, flora and faune of the area., allowing the arrival of more visitors and clients for the accommodations and restaurants.

Spain Wildwatching examine current legislation and will develop a program of ecotourism use, routes , signs, etc..lo infrastructure that will allow you to start the project quickly, efficiently and within the current legislative framework way .

WildWatching Spain, works with more than 25 travel agencies from all over the world and perfectly know what it requires and needs of such tourists . Do not let your hands in engineering inexperienced , trust us .

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