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Javier Montes Malagón

A professional photographic guide, specialising in mountain and artic tours.

Javi Montes is an award-winning photographer, who lives in the Val d´Aran (Catalonian Pyrenees). He has earned a great reputation as winter sports photographer and works with some of the most important brands in the sector.

Additionally, Javi stands out because of his skill in wildlife photography, being a specialist in photographic stalking.

Javier is an experienced guide who leads tours that are difficult in logistic terms, his preference being artic areas where he can apply all his knowledge about ice and snow photography.

Javi is the organiser of some reputed photographic opportunities in the Pyrenees, such as capercaillie and golden eagle photography.

Álex Martínez Escanciano

A high mountain qualified guide (first level), especialising in high mountanin expeditions and polar tours.

Alex has a huge amount of experience, having undertaken innumerable journeys to some of the most hidden places on the planet. He is a connoisseur of the greatest mountain ranges in the world, including the Alps, Rockies, the Andes and the  Himalayas. He has been on expeditions to climb a number of 5000 m and 6000 m peaks and is a great admirer of the hidden cultures found in the high valleys of the Himalayas.

Alex was born in the Cantabrian mountains but is now resident in Aran valley, in the Catalonian Pyrenees.

Juan Carlos Poveda Vera

An Iberian lynx and southern Spain specialist.

Juan Carlos has a long history working in the fields of nature conservancy, enviromental education and wildlife photography. He also has a lot of experience in ecotourism, having led birding, reptil, mammal and botanic trips both in Iberia and to other countries such as Morocco and Turkey. He is very enthusiastic and a great motivator.

Juan Carlos is an expert on the natural areas and parks of Andalusia, such as Doñana and Andujar, thus guaranteeing the success of our Iberian lynx excursions.


Francisco José Hernández Fernández

A wildlife and nature artist.

Born in 1970, Francisco is a wildlife painter and self-taught illustrator. For over ten years he has combined illustration and naturalist painting with his profession as a biologist specialised in the study and conservation of large Iberian birds of prey. Many years of field work have allowed him to acquire a sound knowledge of birds, the main subjet of most of his illustrations and paintings. Often working in the natural environment, his sketches try to capture the bird´s sound, its essence, form and movement, its habitat and its light.

He has travelled with his brushes around Ireland, Scotland, Finland, Mauritania, the Spanish Navarrese and Aragonese Pyrenees, Bardenas Reales, Sierra de Guara, and the Sierra de Gredos. He lives and works close to the Doñana National Park and the marshes of the Odiel river, where it is easy to find him on the edge of a path, engrossed in drawing birds.

Since 2007 all his time has been dedicated to painting nature, trying to reflect the diversity and beauty of animal life. He is a member of the Spanish Association of Nature Artists and he has exhibited his work in Spain, Finland, the Netherlands and England.

Francisco is the best possible company to have on a drawing and painting tour at the Iberia´s premier nature locations.


Antonio Liébana

A professional photographer, specialising in nature photography.

Antonio is a renowned photographer specialised in interior design, advertising, travel and nature.

He is a contributor to specialist magazines, the author of several books and co-author of many publications. His photographs have been the subject of many national and international exhibitions.

He combines his work with the organisation of workshops on nature and technical photography, on Iberian soil as well as in other countries.

Antonio will give you a professional and highly specialised advice during your photographic tours around Iberia.

He is currently working for CANON Spain.


Bruno D´Amicis

The guide: Based in Abruzzi (Italy), Bruno D'Amicis is a professional wildlife photojournalist, specialised in mountain ecosystems and wilderness conservation issues.

Bruno is also M. Sc. cum laude in Biology, with experience and academic background in animal ecology, conservation biology and environmental education.

His images and words have been published in several countries in books, magazines, calendars and brochures. Among his clients are: National Geographic, GEO, BBC Wildlife, Terre Sauvage, WWF, Birdlife International, PAN Parks Foundation, etc. His stock images are represented worldwide by the Nature Picture Library.

Bruno has been on assignment for the “Wild Wonders of Europe” project in 2009 and as a researcher for the National Geographic Society in 2005. He is an Associate Member of the iLCP (International League of Conservation Photographers). In 2010 two of his images have been highly commended in the "European Nature Photographer of the Year" competition. Recently, he finished a three-year documentation of wild brown bears in the Tatra Mountains of Slovakia and published the book “Ornata”, which is the result of ten years of chamois photography. In 2011 he was a speaker at “Wildphotos” in London. For more information:

Winner of the World Press Photo Award 2014.

David Munilla

David has been a journalist and graphic reporter for more than 20 years, and was the first Spanish photographer to work exclusively in the field of adventure and extreme sports photography.

Besides this, he teaches photographic technique and communication sciences. As a graphic reporter he has collaborated with dozens of publications worldwide, producing more than 1000 articles and his images of sports, nature, travel or adventure feature in many advertising campaings.

Nowadays due to his wide experience, he is a reference for mountain photography and designs photo trips and workshops that take place outside our borders.

He is a jury member of many photographic competitions and gives  numerous conferences on travel and photography.

David´s work has been widely featured in the media, including publications such as El País, ABC, El Mundo, GEO, National Geographic, Viajar, Mas Viajes, De Viajes, Rutas y destinos, Oxigeno, Grandes Espacios, Mas Rutas, Wild Nature Photo, Natura, Wilde Natur, Photo, FV fotografia, FOTO, Sportlife.

Félix González Estébanez

Specialist in Entomology.

Félix has a degree in Biology from the University of Leon, where he specialised in Lepidoptera.

He has participated in large entomological studies and is carrying out important investigative work on the ecology and distribution of  Rhopalocera (butterflies) in the north of the Iberian peninsula.

He is a great expert and enthusiast of the Cantabrian Mountains, where he will join you to observe rare species, spending all night long with light traps, or scanning meadows looking for rare butterflies or placing traps for beetles.

He has participated in some entomological publications.





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