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Subalpine birds photo stalking

Guided excursions to high mountain in 4WD cars

The photography of some bird species of great interest can not be reached using fixed photographic hides, however good results can be achieved using portable hides or stalking photography techniques.

In the cantabrian mountains in subalpine meadows, rocky areas and scrub patches we can find excellent photographic options with bird species as Bluethroat, Common Rock Thrush, Water Pipit, Rock bunting and the few couples of Ring Ouzel that breed in the cantabrians.

These birds require of a complex logistics, but the beautiful areas where it take place the activity and the photographic results it worth.

Bluethoat is a fantastic bird, a small soldier that defends it´s territory without rest. It´s easily photographed using portable hides near the perch that usually use.

Something similar happens with the Rock Thrush, that flies constanly from the breeding cliffs to the wet subalpine meadows where hunt insects, being photographed over some stones used as vantage point in these meadows.

Acccess to these subalpine meadows at more than 1.900mosl , and spend a day stalking birds among broom and heather patches, meadows and creeks is a fantastic activity for a spring day.


From May 1st to July 15th.


The logistics in not simple in the high mountains, long routes in 4WD is commonly required, and the weather conditions can vary very fast.

The service is a full day product and has the next rates:

1 person: 240€/ person and day

2 persons: 150€/person and day

3 persons: 130€/person and day


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