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Terms and conditions

Booking at any WILDWATCHING SPAIN S.L. tours or activities, will necessarily entail prior acceptance of the following general conditions, which shall be automatically incorporated to the contract.

1. Parties to the contract

Part A, WILDWATCHING SPAIN S.L travel agency (identification code CICL.24-85), with CIF B24622581 and registered office at Avenida Valcayo num 6, 1st floor, H door, 24900 Riaño, León (Spain), owner of the web page

Part B, the natural person or user accessing the WWS web site, searching for information and/or hiring the offered services.

The user states to be over 18 years old and has legal capacity to acquire the services offered through this Web site, according to these general conditions, that you understand and agree as a whole.

 The user must carefully read this access or hire services document because these conditions may have changed since the last visit.

2. On the applicable law

The present general conditions are subject to the provisions of the Spanish law, Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16th, which approves the revised text of the General Act for the consumers and users defense and other complementary laws, in particular as regards the fourth book of this Royal Decree, concerning package travel. Law 7/1998 of April 13th General Contractual Conditions shall also apply.

The regulation of WILDWATCHING SPAIN S.L. (hereinafter referred as WWS) as a travel agency is subject to Decree 25/2001, of January 25th, which approves the regulation of travel agencies operating in the community of Castile and Leon.

3. About accessing, registration and use of the web

To be able to hire services through the website according with these terms and conditions you must be a registered user. Registration is free and non-transferable, and must provide truthful and accurate information to complete the registration form.

We reserve the rights to reject applications from user account registration or to finish registration at any time, if we deem appropriate, if we understand the user is misusing the registry as pour insults or using rude or slanderous language in the blog or in other places of free participation of the web.

The user is responsible of maintaining strict confidentiality in his name and his login password, and is also liable of any activity carried out in his account and his password. Therefore the user agrees to:

-inform us immediately of any unauthorized use of his account or password, or any other breach of security; and

-making sure to exit from his account at the end of each session. The user is the only responsible for the control of the dissemination and use of his password, access and use of his account. In the event of wanting to cancel his account, the user must inform us via e-mail.

WWS does not assume any liability for any damage or loss that may be due to the breach of this clause 

4. Booking

At the time of booking, a 30% of the agreement total amount must be paid, on which WWS shall issue the receipt, as well as the amount in advance, the reference of the booked journey general clauses of the contract and particular clauses, if any.

The remaining amount must be paid at least 15 days before the beginning of the tour. If the rest of the payment has not been realized 15 days prior this moment, WWS reserves the right to cancel the booking.

If any user acquires a tourist package with 15 days or less prior to the tour starting date the whole trip will be charged, without prejudice to the rights of return or refund for cancellation or other circumstances described in these terms and conditions.

These terms may be cancelled or partially amended by specific conditions for a concrete tour or activity, motivated by the complexity or specificity of the contracted tour. In this case, specific conditions shall be duly report at the time of booking regarding to the tour or activity.

5. Payment method 

The user agrees to pay the contracted services using any of the following methods of payment, as detailed in the WWS website: 

-Debit cards (Visa Electron and Maestro) or credit (Visa, Master Card or American Express), via secure system at

-Bank transfer within a period of 48 hours since the request for services to the account number provided to the user by WILDWATCHING SPAIN S.L.

-Pay Pal.

-Any other method articulated in the future from the WWS website.

The purchase of any product will only be effective at the time in which WILDWATCHING SPAIN S.L. performs the charge of the total amount of the trip in a valid way to the credit card provided by the user, or the amount of such purchase is received in cash or proof of transfer. Until that moment WWS can cancel the whole operation without having the user the right to any claim.

Request a booking implies a commitment by the customer to authorize the charge to the credit card provided. If it is not possible to charge the credit card (charge rejected), the user accepts WWS to make ineffective the reservation.

Prices shown on the web include the collection service and transfer to and from the airport or meeting point established in each tour, transfer to accommodation places included in the tour, accommodation and meals, except where specified otherwise. They not include, on the other hand, plane tickets, drinks not included in the previous assumption and purchases, shopping at destination, or any other details not specified in the tour schedule).

6. Transfer the reserve

6.1. The contractor may freely assign its combined tour reservation to a person who meets all the conditions required for the case. The assignment must be communicated by writing to WWS, with a minimum of 15 days before the starting date of the journey, unless the parties agree a shorter period in the contract.

6.2. A person who transfers his reserve for a tour and the transferee will jointly report for the payment to WWS, as well as the justified additional costs that such transfer could cause.

7. Additional information on the contracted travel

7.1. WWS shall provide, written or by any other format that can be recorded, with time enough before the start of the tour, with those consumers and users who have contracted, the following information:

(a) Schedules, stopover locations and links, as well as the indication of the class to occupy at the transportation method to be used, provided this transport is included in the price of the trip.

(b) Name, address and telephone number from the organizer representation or retailer in each destination, or, failing this, the local agencies that can help the consumer and user in case of difficulties. If there are no such representation or agency, the consumer or user must be provided, in any case, an emergency phone number or any other information that enable him to get in touch with the organiser or retailer.

(c) For trips and stays of minors abroad, information enabling to establish direct contact with them or the responsible for their stay «in situ» during the trip.

(d) information, according to the private insurance legislation, on the optional subscription for an insurance contract to cover cancellation charges done by the consumer and user, or an assistance contract to cover the expenses of repatriation or transfer to the original place, in case of accident, sickness or death.

7.2. The information referred to in the preceding paragraph will be provided once booking has been confirmed.

8. Cancellation of the contract by the customer.

At any time the consumer can rescind requested or contracted services, retaining the right to a reimbursement of paid amounts, but must compensate the organiser or retailer in the amounts below indicated, except that such a resolution takes place by duly justified force majeure:

a) A penalty shall be paid consisting in the 25% of the tour total amount, if cancellation happens between day 10th and 15th before the journey starting date; 50% between day 3rd and 10th, and 75% within forty-eight hours prior to departure.

b) In any case, 8% will be charged as management costs.

c) In case of additional services not included in the original tour but contracted by initiative of the client, the corresponding cancellation fees if any shall be applied, always properly justified. If he is not present at departure point, the client will pay the total amount of the trip, including where applicable, the outstanding amounts except by agreement between the parties in an opposite way.

d) In the event of special economic conditions of recruitment attached to the package, such as aircraft freights, ships, unrecoverable cost or special rates, cancellation costs shall be established in accordance with the conditions agreed between the parties and the spanish law.

9. Tour cancelation because people registered do not reach the minimum required.

With a WWS condition, and thus expressly specified, the offer feasibility for a combined tour to a minimum of participants and, this minimum is not reached so cancellation of the trip happens, the user will have right exclusively for the reimbursement of the total price or the anticipated amounts, unless you can claim any amount in compensation, provided that the Agency has not notified this event by a writing mean within at least 10 days before the starting date for the tour.

10. Tour conditions amendments and revisions.

Tour modifications.

10.1- On the assumption that, before the start of the trip, WWS is forced to alter significantly any essential element of the contract, including the price, we must immediately inform to the consumer.

10.2- In this event, and unless the parties otherwise agree, the consumer may choose to terminate the contract without any penalty or accept a modification of the contract which require introducing variations and their impact on the price. The consumer must communicate the decision to WWS. Failure to notify by the client in these terms means choosing the termination of the contract without penalty.

 10.3-On the assumption that the consumer elects to terminate the contract, to the protection provided for in paragraph 2, or if WWS cancels the tour prior to departure date for any reason not attributable to the consumer, it shall have the right to the reimbursement of all amounts previously paid, from the moment in which the termination of the contract occurs or to the realization of another package of equivalent or higher quality, provided this offer can be done by WWS to substitute it. In the event this offer is a lower quality tour or valued at a lower price, WWS shall reimburse the consumer, at an appropriate moment depending on the amounts already paid, the difference in money, according to the contract. This same right shall have the consumer that does not have confirmation of the reservation on the terms stipulated in the contract. 

10.4- For the previous cases, WWS will be responsible for the payment to the consumer of a compensation, if any, appropriate for breaching the contract, as follows: 5 per cent of the contracted travel total price, if the aforementioned breach occurs between two months and fifteen days immediately preceding the starting tour expected date; 10 per cent if occurs between 15 days and three days prior, and 25 per cent in the event that the aforementioned breach occurs in the previous forty-eight hours.

10.5-  There is no obligation to indemnify under the following circumstances:

a) Cancellation due to the less than required number of people registered for the package and so WWS communicates it in writing to the consumer and user before the deadline fixed for that purpose in the contract, which at least will be 10 days prior to the date of commencement the tour.

b) When the cancellation of the tour is due to reasons of force majeure, meaning such those circumstances beyond who invokes them, abnormal and unpredictable consequences could not have been avoided, despite having acted with due diligence. In any case, this course does not include the cancellation of a tour for overbooking reasons.

11. - Consumer obligation to report any failure in the performance of the contract.

11.1-The consumer is obliged to communicate to WWS or, where appropriate, to the service provider concerned, any failure in the performance of the contract as soon as possible - in writing or in any other form which can be record. 

11.2-Where solutions refereed by the Organiser are not satisfactory, the consumer will have within a month to claim to WWS, always through the organiser. WWS will have forty-five calendar days to answer the claim raised by the consumer, which will begin to run from the following day the submission of the claim to the Organiser has been presented.

12. Non-compliance, liability and guarantees.

Consequences of the non-services provision.

12.1- In the event that, after the departure of the trip, WWS does not provide or verify that   it cannot provide an important part of the services provided in the contract, shall adopt appropriate solutions for the organized tour continuation, without supplement or extra price for the consumer and user, and, where appropriate, be credited to the latter the difference amount between the benefits provided and those supplied. If consumer and user continue the tour with the solutions given by the organizer those proposals shall be deemed tacitly accepted. 

12.2- If the solutions adopted by WWS were not accepted by the client on reasonable grounds, the company must provide, without any extra price, an equivalent transport to that used on the trip to return to the place of departure or to any other both have agreed, without prejudice to the compensation if appropriate. 

12.3-In the event of claims, WWS will act with diligence to find a proper and satisfactory solution to the parties.


1-WWS will respond to the client, based on obligations that correspond to him by its concerned spot on the management of the package, the correct performance of the obligations arising from the contract, irrespective of these obligations should run by themselves or other service providers and without prejudice to the right of WWs to act against such service providers.

2-WWS will also be liable for damage sustained by the consumer and user as a result of non-execution or inadequate execution of the contract. This responsibility shall cease under one the following circumstances:

a) The defects observed in the performance of the contract are attributable to the consumer and user.

b) Such defects are attributable to a third party alien to the provision of benefits under the contract and shall take an unpredictable or insurmountable character.

c) The listed defects are due to force majeure reasons, meaning such those circumstances beyond who invokes them, abnormal and unpredictable consequences not have been avoided, despite having acted with due diligence.

d) Defects may be due to an event that WWS, despite having put all the necessary diligence, could not foresee and overcome.

In case of exclusion of liability for providing any of the circumstances provided for in paragraphs b), c) and d), the organizer and the retailer which are party to the contract shall be required, however, to provide the necessary assistance to the consumer and user who is in difficulty.

3. Compensation for damages, resulting from the failure or improper performance of the services involved in the package, shall be limited in accordance with provisions in international regulatory conventions of such benefits.

4. No exceptions can be made were contractual clause are provided for in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article.

Ensuring Contractual liability.

WILDWATCHING SPAIN Ltd.  is required to establish and maintain with permanent effects a bond in terms to be determined by the relevant tourist administration, to fulfillment respond to the obligations of their services of contracted package and, especially, the reimbursement of the deposited funds and restitution for repatriation costs in the case of insolvency or bankruptcy. The deposit will affect the fulfillment of the obligations arising from the following:

(a)   Final decision on legal channels for economic responsibility of the organizers and retailers under the action exercised by the consumer and end user.

(b) Award issued by the arbitral consumption boards or institutional arbitration bodies created by law for a sector or a specific course, after voluntary submission of the parties. Running the bail, must replenish within 15 days, to cover the initial entirety again.

Limitation of actions.

By the lapse of two years actions arising from the rights recognized in this book will prescribe.

 13. Passports, visas and documentation.

Every user without exception (children included) will carry his personal and family documentation take in order, passport or ID card, according to the laws of the country or countries to be visited. It will be by their own when travel so require the obtaining of visas, passports, certificates of vaccination, etc. Rejection the granting of visas by any authority, for the user particular causes, or be denied their entry into the country because they lack the requirements, or by default in the required documentation, or for not carrying it, the Organizer declines all responsibility for acts of this nature, being in relation to the consumer any expenses arising apply in these circumstances the conditions and standards set for the assumptions of voluntary service withdrawal. WWs reminds users, and especially those who have other than the Spanish citizenship, to ensure, before starting the journey, having fulfilled all standards and visa requirements so you can enter without problems in every country to be visited. Children under 18 must have written permission signed by their parents or guardians, in anticipation to be requested by any authority.

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