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The big 3, wolves, wildcats and bears in September 2020

  1. Departure place: Riaño (León) | Destination: Somiedo (Asturias)
  2. Start date: 07/09/2020 | Finish date: 13/09/2020
  3. Species to observe: Brown bear, iberian wolf, wildcat, iberian ibex, chamois
  4. Seats: 10
  5. PRICE: 948 € / £ 853 / $ 1185 (VAT included) | BOOKING PRICE: 284 € / £ 256 / $ 355

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This tour is focused on the observation of the three great mammals of the Cantabrian Mountains: the Brown Bear, the Iberian Wolf and the Wildcat. We will visit some of the best preserved habitats in Spain. Cantabrian range is an unexplored part of Spain, yet is a wild natural landscape with a rich mixture of rugged terrain and extensive forests.

At the end of the summer, when we make this tour, we can enjoy perfect weather in the mountains, with pleasant temperatures throughout typically sunny days with good light conditions for observation and photography, both in the early hours of the morning and during the afternoon.

This is the time of year when the Cantabrian Brown Bear comes out from the dense heart of the forest to feed in the forest fringe, eating cranberries, blackberries and hazelnuts, available in abundance in the sub-alpine meadows and scrub at this time of year.

This gives us a great chance of viewing one of the most elusive mammals in Spain, particularly during the first and last hours of the day.

With this in mind, we will position ourselves at strategic points, moving around the mountain range’s best spots, always drawing on our local knowledge and experience.

Of course our aim is to view these sensitive animals from vantage points where they do not feel disturbed or threatened. Therefore views of bears are usually made from medium or long distances, but are close enough to get outstanding quality views through telescopes and binoculars.

Prior to this we will go to the Eastern Cantabrian range. This is a beautiful landscape in which to observe family groups of Iberian Wolves which, at the end of the summer strive to feed their young in the vicinity of the den.

Wolf watching in the Iberian Peninsula is a very exciting and intense experience, requiring patience, but providing fabulous rewards, as these iconic creatures astonish us with their sharp eyes fixed on the lenses of our telescopes.

Whilst we wait and scan for our target species, we will also have the opportunity to watch other interesting mammals, abundant in certain areas of the mountain, such as the Cantabrian Chamois, Mountain Goat, Wild Boar, Red Deer and Roe Deer.

We will also have the opportunity to observe the Wildcat at the meadows of the valley, when they go out to the countryside hunting rodents in the early hours of the morning.
The wildcat will be like this the third of our main objectives. Without a doubt with a little luck and together with the expertise of our guides we will be able to enjoy all of them.



September 7th

Arrival at Boca de Huergano village.
Accommodation in Hotel Tierra de la Reina, meeting, talk and dinner.

September 8th and 9th

After breakfast, excursion for Iberian Wolf observation in different parts of the range.
Return to the accommodation at midday and new output after lunch.

The service include 4WD cars transfers, professional guides and optic equipment.

The observation ponts have been selected after intensive prospections.

September 10th

Morning excursion for Iberian Wolf observation, and transfer to Western Asturias and Leon. In the afternoon we make a trip to see Brown Bear. 
Excursions in offroad cars and treks during the morning and evening.

September 11th and 12th

Observation of bears in the natural areas of Alto Sil, Somiedo and Fuentes del Narcea, Degaña and Ibias.
After breakfast, excursion for Brown Bear observation in different oparts of the range.

Return to the accommodation at midday and new output after lunch.

The service include 4WD cars transfers, professional guides and optic equipment.

September 13th

Goodbye and trip end.

Meeting Point

Tierra de la Reina Hotel (Boca de Huergano) or Presa Hotel (Riaño), depending on the availability.


Small hotels of familiar and cosy atmosphere, located in quiet rural villages inside natural protected areas.

The basic option is a double shared room with private bathroom.

In Riaño: Tierra de la Reina or Presa Hotel, depending on the availability.In Pola de Somiedo: Hotel Casa Miño, Hotel Torre del Alba or Hotel El Meirel, depending on the availability.
Single supplement 13€/day.


Included in the price. Breakfast and dinner are taken in the hotels. Lunch in restaurants or in the hotels, or as a picnic, out in the field.


All transfers during the tour are included and will be done using 4WD cars.Transfers from or to airports and ferrys will be billed appart.


- Observational material: binoculars and/or telescope with tripod (WWS offers rental of these ítems for the duration of the tour). Camera and digiscoping equipment.

- Recommended clothing: comfortable clothes and footwear for trekking, warm clothing for colder mornings and evenings often sat or standing still. Waterproofs and rugged footwear recommended.

- Other: sunscreen is recommended. The intensity of solar rays can be strong in high mountain areas.


Specialized guides of WildWatchingSpain.

The best of this trip

August and September are the best months for combining iberian wolf , wildcat and cantabrian brown bear observation.Sightings are almost guaranteed and the landscapes of this wild area of North Spain are simply amazing.

Group size

Maximum 10 clients, minimum 6 clients.

¿ What is included in the price?

- Accommodations.
- Meals.
- Tranfers during the tour.
- WWS guides.
- Basic insurance.

¿ What is not included in the price?

- Transfers from or to airports -will be billed appart-.
- Any food or drinks not include in the menus.
- Anything not included in "incuded in the price".

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