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Capercaillie Season

Photographic hides at Pyrenees

We launched next season for capercaillie observation and photography in Val de Aran valley. Is the moment of planning the 2020 season, with the experience accumulated and some changes in the service.

JMM_9687-2We has been worked in a new lek, with an easier access and a fantastic photographic oportunities. This area has a less density of trees per hectare and really nice light conditions, so the photographies may be amazing.Past season provided to the clients unforgettable moments, the weather was favourable, and in only one morning the clients could not take pictures due to a snowfall.

The Val de Aran is, with the Pallars Sobira, the place with highest densities of these birds in Spain. Some leks occupied by more tan 10 males, that in usual conditions guaranteed observation and photography.

Ahead of the next 2020 season, two booking possibilities are established depending on the the matting period:

- From 8th to 31st May, period while there are more chances of finding hens in the lek, the rate is 350€/person and day.

- From 1st to 7th May and from 1st to 10th June, with less chances of hens presence but similar posibilities to find males, the rate is 275€/person and day.

Both periods are appropriated for capercaillie photography and watching.

The technical terms and conditions of our service are as follows:


- The guide will be the responsible for bringing the client into the hide and take him off it.

- Clients will access to the hide at midday (03:00 p.m to 05:00p.m) and leave it from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m in the next morning. The guide must check that birds have finished the display before pick the clients up.

- Clients won´t be allowed to abandon the photographic hide during the activity, if this happens the clients could be punished with a fine.

- The client behaviour inside the hide must be appropriated, avoiding disturb the birds with noises or brusque movements.

- Clients need a sleeping bag and suitable clothes for overnight with low temperatures. The guide has the right of forbiding the entry of the customer into the hide if he has not the suitable clothes.

- Customers must carry a suitable container for urination. The contents of it will not be poured under any circumstances in the lek after the end of the day, in order to avoid attracting potential predators to the area.

 - The photographic hide must be clean and tidy at the moment the client leaves the photo hide.

 - The transport from Vielha to the capercaillie singing area will be done using a offroad car, although always is necessary a short level trekking to access to the leks.

The economic conditions of service are as follows:


- As soon as the reserve will be done, the dates will be awarded to the client. - Permits will be gave under severe booking order, as soon as the permits sold out, no more reserves will be accepted.

 - In the case that the weather conditions during the chosen dates makes impossible access to the lek, the photographic day will be postpone to other day, prior agreement with the client.

- The service includes guide service, pick up and transfer to the photographic hide and pick up and transfer after the photo season to Vielha.

- The 10% of the price will be donate for capercaillie conservation programs.

- For booking the service it will be necessary to pay a 30% deposit in the bank account BANCO SANTANDER   IBAN ES61 0049-1904-38-2010127987, SWIFT CODE: BSCHESMM, indicating name and surname, client must check the available dates in the electronic mail or in the phones Telf 987740805 / 609726444

 - The rest of the payment must be done using the same account at least 10 days before the booked photographic season. In the case that the client wants to cancel the reserve, the money will be refund if the cancellation is done at least one month before the booked season.

-   It´s possible to change the chosen dates for others if there are availability.

Where to overnight in Vielha?

We can find different kind of accommodations and possibilities in Riaño, with different prices and services.

Some suggestions could be:

Cheap accommodations: Hotel Vielha.

Good price-value accommodations: Hotel Albares en Vielha, Hotel Aran Abuela, Hotel El Ciervo.

High quality accommodations: Parador de Vielha

How to get to Val d´Aran?

from Barcelona is posible to get to Val d´Aran using the Bonaigüa Pass driving by the N260 crossing Pobla de Segur and Sort taking later the C13 to Bonaigüa and after getting the pass the C28 to Vielha.

From Madrid, Zaragoza or Lleida the usual route is to use the N230 using the Vielha tunnel, crossing first Pont de Suert.

Finally from France, or from Bilbao or Santander the faster way is to use the Pyrenean highway A64 that cressed Pau and Tarbes, taking the deviation in Montrejeau to access to Val d´Aran by N125 road.

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