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Val d´Aran hides

Alpine and forest birds in the heart of pyrenees.

The Val d´Aran is a wonderful glacier valley located in the extreme North of Catalonia (Lleida Province).

This beautiful valley is the source of the Garona river, one of the longest and widest rivers of France, and has a great diversity of mountain and forest habitats. Because of this, in the Aran valley it is possible to observe and photograph the most representative species of flowers and animals of the Pyrenees.

Since 2013,  WildWatching Spain and the wildlife photographer Javi Montes, are working in a network of hides covering the most emblematic species of the valley.

This way, during the Spring (May and June), it is possible to hire our exclusive hides for the Pyrenean Capercaillie, in the frame of a strictly regulated activity controlled by the Val d´Aran Government and carefully designed to avoid any possible disturbance to the birds at the leks. The hides are installed is some of the best capercaillie leks in the Pyrenees.

Along the 2016 winter season new hides will be on work.

Therefore, in Aran the winter season 2016/2017 brings the following services:

Pyrenean Capercaillie: 3 hides of 1 seat each, from May 1st to June 10th

Price: 350€ person/day, during the peak season and 275€ during the rest of the season.

Medium Spotted Woodpeacker and forest passerines: 1 hide of 2 seats. placed in al pristine old decidious oak forest. Really interesting for woodpeackers included the Lesser Spotted Woodpeacker.

Price: 95€ person/day

Golden Eagle and other raptors: 2 hides of 2 seats each. Placed in a slope over garona river with impressive backgrounds. Golden Eagles, Lammergeiers, Vultures, Red Kites and Buzzars are commons.

Price: 150€ person/day

Iberian Green Woodpeacker: 1 hide of 2 seats. hide placed in a pastures area near the river, with two bredding territories of Green Woodpeackers in the surroundings.

Price: 120€ person/day

Mountains paserines of Vilamos: 1 hide of 2 seats. hide placed in an small valley with a high diversity of habitats, scrublands, forest, meadows....really rich on birds, more than 20 different species on feeders.

Price: 95€ person/day

Alpine birds: 1 hide of 2 seats. Situated in Pla de Beret, at 1.900 mosl, the goal species will be Alpine Accentor, Snowfinch and Citril Finch. Working from mid December.

Price: 120€ person/day

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